Hexagram #17

Hexagram #17 is called "Following".  In this hexagram, there is an inevitable course of events unfolding and you are advised to surrender to this flow.  Yielding to the path will actually be the way of least resistance, and the events are all connected.  This can signal a new beginning, and a successful time.  Just as... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #16

Hexagram #16 is called "Providing For" or "Enthusiasm".  It's the visual inverse of the previous hexagram.  This hexagram suggests that being prepared lets you respond spontaneously, and this seems to be the connection between the two names given for it. "Providing For" tells you that now is the time to build up your resources and... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #15

Hexagram #15 is called Humbling or Modesty.  The main focus of the hexagram is just as the name implies, to keep oneself humble or modest and one will meet with success in this time.  By taking a yielding position, you can use an adversary's strength against them, much like the adage we are often taught... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #14

Hexagram #14 is the inverse of the previous one.  Now the trigram of fire is above the trigram of the Creative, or Heaven.  You can think of this as fire above the heavens.  Or, I like to think of it as a fire in the heavens -- like the sun or maybe a shooting star... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #13

Hexagram #13 begins a new pair of hexagrams, and visually does not seem to be related to the previous one.  It is called "Concording People", or "Fellowship the Others".  I prefer the latter, because the language is less clunky.  Following in the sequence from the previous hexagram, it is said that you are not completely... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #12

Hexagram #12 of the I Ching is called "Obstruction" or "Stagnation".  It follows from the previous hexagram by reversing the order of the trigrams.  Now Heaven is on top and Earth is on bottom.  The motion of this hexagram is that Heaven will want to pull up and Earth will want to pull down, meaning... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #11

I consider this hexagram to be the most balanced of all of them in the I Ching.  This hexagram is called Pervading or Peace.  I prefer Peace.  The upper and lower trigrams are the Earth and Heaven, and  they are moving towards each other (Earth moving down, Heaven moving up).  Visually, it does not follow... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #10

Hexagram #10 is called Treading.  Visually, it follows from the previous hexagram by turning the entire hexagram upside down.  In the sequence, it says that when humans begin to accumulate (hexagram #9), then they have paths they must walk, and this is treading. This hexagram signifies finding your way.  The path is in front of... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #9

Hexagram #9 of the I Ching is called "Small Accumulating" or "The Taming Power of the Small".  Visually, this hexagram doesn't seem to be as tightly connected to the previous one as others have been with their previous one.  The lower trigram is reversed from yin to yang, but I can't see such reversal in... Continue Reading →

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