The Key

Even though Ruby's class was about Tai Chi, it is impossible to talk about his classes without touching on the Tao te Ching, because he would use verses from the Tao to talk about the philosophy behind the form.  The third lesson was the first such time that he did this, quoting the entire first... Continue Reading →

Answerless Questions

What is the sound of one hand clapping?  The smart ass in me wants to answer:  wind.  But that would be missing the point.  This is a koan, an answerless question.  No matter what you come up with, you are right.  And you are wrong.  And that's the point, isn't it?  We would like to wrap... Continue Reading →

I am an Empty Cup

The best place to begin is at the beginning.  Every class with Ruby had two parts, the first part was philosophical and the second part was learning the movements of the form.  This was the first quote that was put up on the board: "I am am empty cup". It's such a lovely and complex... Continue Reading →

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