Catching Up and Resuming

It's been about a month since my last entry in this blog.  I had to take a break to attend to some major life transitional stuff that is beyond the scope of this blog.  Nothing bad, in fact just about the most positive sort of life transition that a person can have.  Even the positive... Continue Reading →


There are certain difficulties that arise from walking a path alone.  One of those has been very prevalent of late, and that is straying from the path because I no longer am in a class where we practice form.  I am butt-deep in major life transition stuff (which is beyond the scope of this blog... Continue Reading →

The Journey So Far

Just today I was at work and a co-worker asked me where I practiced Tai Chi, because I had mentioned yesterday that I do form.  It was with a pang of sadness that I answered her that I practice on my own because my teacher had died.  To my knowledge, there is no-one teaching Tai... Continue Reading →


There is a Tai Chi classic that reads, in part:  "If others don't move, I don't move.  If others move slightly, I move first".  This was the basis for the class where we paused from learning the form to play Tai Chi Push Hands. It is interesting to read back over my journal entry when... Continue Reading →

Returning to Our Nature

An interesting question was posed in this class:  why is it that babies can cry all day and not and not lose their voice, or dogs can bark all day and night and not lose their voice?  And yet, professors can lecture a lot and by the end of the week they have no voice... Continue Reading →

Matter and Energy

While the tangible has advantages, it is the intangible that makes it useful. -Tao teh Ching #11 Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space.  In order for matter to take up space, there must be space to take up.   Since all matter contains the potential for energy, then there must... Continue Reading →

Walk Like a Cat

It was an interesting lesson the day that Ruby asked us how cats walk.  It was interesting because we came up with all these descriptors of how a cat walks:  graceful, agile, fluid, etc., but when pressed we couldn't tell him, mechanically, how a cat walks.  Some of us even had cats, myself included, but... Continue Reading →

Yield to Succeed

The softest of all things overrides the hardest of all things. Only Nothing can enter no-space. Hence I know the advantages of Non-Ado. Few things under heaven are as instructive as the lessons of Silence, or as beneficial as the fruits of Non-Ado. -Tao te Ching, #43 Only in silence and stillness can we become... Continue Reading →

Of Mountains and Rivers

If there was ever a mantra in Ruby's class, it was this:  "still as a mountain; flow like a river".  Anyone who remembers him would remember this statement, either because he said it or because it was on his t-shirt.  It wasn't unique to him, of course.  It was one of the Tai Chi Classics,... Continue Reading →

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