Hexagram #31

Hexagram #31 is called Conjoining, Influence, or Wooing.  This hexagram signals an energy that connects strongly with you, something that excites you and spurs you to action.  Be yin, receptive, and yield to this energy.  This will bring you success.  This is a very fundamental energy moving through you, the energy that attracts all things... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #30

Hexagram #30 is called Radiance or Fire.  It is the inverse of the previous hexagram in that the yang lines have become yin, and vice versa.  This is another hexagram that is repeating trigrams, namely the trigram of fire. This hexagram comes at a time of warmth and awareness.  Just as a campfire would gather... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #29

Hexagram #29 is Water, or the Abyss or Gorge.  It is one of the eight hexagrams composed of the base trigrams repeated...this time the trigram of water. The images of this hexagram stem both from the idea of the gorge or of water.  This hexagram can come to you at a time of danger, the... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #28

Hexagram #28 is called "Great Exceeding" or "The Preponderance of the Great".  This is an inverse of the previous one, but in a different way.  Many of the inverses thus far have simply reversed the upper and lower trigrams.  This is one of a few that does not do that, but rather replaces all the... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #27

Hexagram #27 is called Jaws, The Corners of the Mouth, or Providing Nourishment.  This hexagram has to do with both what goes in the mouth and what comes out of the mouth....so both nourishment and the words you speak.  Nourishment is meant as both literal food and also what feeds you metaphorically.  This is a... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #26

Hexagram #26 is called Great Accumulating or The Taming Power of the Great.  It is the visual inverse of the preceding hexagram. This hexagram comes to tell you to focus all your concentration and energies on a central idea.  Pursue it with everything you have.  The time is right for this.  Move forward, out of... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #25

Hexagram #25 has a few very interesting names:  Innocence, Without Embroiling, or The Unexpected.  These are very different names for this same hexagram. This hexagram offers a warning that now is the time to remain unentangled, to not get caught up in things (hence the name "without embroiling").  If you can do this, then you'll... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #24

Hexagram #24 is "Return".  The hexagram has one yang line, in the first position, hence the idea of yang energy beginning to return.  It is one of the 12 hexagrams that correspond to months of the year, and corresponds to January, when the days are just beginning to grow longer in the northern hemisphere. This... Continue Reading →

Hexagram #23

Hexagram #23 is called "Stripping" or "Splitting Apart".  My teacher used to say the image was that of a sagging ridgepole in a house, one that was about to break apart.  This is one of the calendar hexagrams, corresponding to the month of November.  During November, the last of the leaves are being stripped from... Continue Reading →

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