Hexagram #1

The first hexagram in the I Ching is commonly called "The Creative".  Stephen Karcher refers to it as "Force".  I don't feel particularly drawn to the latter, so I will also refer to it as "The Creative". I find it intriguing that they began the Oracle with this particular hexagram, all yang (strong) lines.  It... Continue Reading →

My Journey with the I Ching

I was first introduced to the I Ching in Spring of 2005, when I took a continuing education class about it.  It was my first time even hearing about such a thing, and the idea intrigued me, so I signed up for the class.  It was the first class I took with my teacher, before... Continue Reading →


There are certain difficulties that arise from walking a path alone.  One of those has been very prevalent of late, and that is straying from the path because I no longer am in a class where we practice form.  I am butt-deep in major life transition stuff (which is beyond the scope of this blog... Continue Reading →

The Taoist Trinity

Lesson #4 of Ruby's Tai Chi class was jam-packed full of mind-bending stuff, all flowing from poem #14 of the Tao te Ching: Look at it but you cannot see it!  Its name is Formless. Listen to it but you cannot hear it!  Its name is Soundless. Grasp it but you cannot get it!  Its... Continue Reading →

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