About the Journey

It has been a bit over eleven years since my teacher passed away suddenly.  I was fortunate to have studied Tai Chi, the I Ching, and Taoist philosophy with him for nearly two years.  There’s an old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  Ruby Olar was the sort of teacher you find once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.  He guided me on a truly holistic journey of body, mind, and spirit.  I could have studied with him for twenty years and would still have been learning things.  But the Universe only granted me two years.  My grief was crushing.  It truly felt like a part of me died when he did.  And perhaps it did.  I fell away from the path after he passed.

I have, just recently, re-committed myself to that path.  I am renewing my practice of Tai Chi, my study of the Tao, and revisiting my teacher’s lessons anew.  I was gifted with those lessons because, in the months before he passed, he had decided that he wanted to write a book.  To that end, he recorded his lessons and I transcribed them.  In my grief after he died, I purged his emails, and what I had of his website.  But, perhaps by the guiding hand of my teacher’s spirit, I did not purge the lessons.  Revisiting them will not be the same, because he isn’t here physically and I’m not the same person I was those years ago.  But I can rediscover them anew.

And I can share them.  Ruby was, first and foremost, a teacher.  He once said that he would say something that we would remember, and we would share it with someone who would share it with someone and he would never die.  And so, in this website, I will be doing just that, sharing it with whoever reads this.

I do all of this in his memory.  His original website was taichiruby.com, which was taken down after his death.  I have chosen to use the same name for my site, where I will write about his lessons, and my renewed journey into that world.  It is my hope that, through my writing, you will come to know a little of my teacher, in whose memory I share my journey.

Let’s dance.


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