Hexagram #64

Hexagram 64The final hexagram of the I Ching is #64, Not Yet Fording or Before Completion.  It is the opposite of the previous one in the sense that the yin and yang lines have switched places.

This hexagram comes to you at a time when you stand on the verge of change, but it’s not yet the time of action.  It’s the time to prepare, to plan, to gather your energy.  Put yourself in a position where you can easily and quickly adapt to whatever might come your way.  Things are moving into position.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Fire above Water.  This signals that things are yet in their proper place for action to commence.  The nuclear hexagram is #63, Already Fording.  This signals the hidden possibility of action.

The first changing line warns that you moved to action too soon, and will not have success.  The second changing line advises you to hold back and not start yet.  The third changing line tells you to take the initial steps.  The fourth changing line tells you to act decisively.  What you seek will take a long time to acquire it, but you will succeed in your endeavor.  The fifth changing line encourages you to act, telling you that you have a connection to higher guidance.  The sixth changing line cautions you to not let yourself get caught up in the past, but rather to embrace the new.

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