Hexagram #62

Hexagram 62Hexagram #62 is Small Exceeding or the Preponderance of the Small.  It’s the inverse of the previous hexagram in the sense that the yin and yang lines have changed.

This hexagram comes to you at a time of transition, when you’re being advised to fly below the radar.  Go about your business quietly, without making a fuss and drawing attention to yourself.  By doing this, you will position yourself to take action and move out of the shadows at the proper time.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Thunder above the Mountain.  This signifies the importance of being sheltered and not out in the open at this time.  The nuclear hexagram is #28, Great Exceeding.  This signifies the hidden possibility of a highly energetic time to come.

The first changing line warns that it will not be beneficial to draw attention to yourself.  The second changing line advises you that working from the background will be effective at this time.  The third changing line is a dire warning that you are in too deep, and that there may be real harm if you don’t withdraw now.  The fourth changing line advises you to take your cue from what has previously happened, and avoid repeating mistakes.  The fifth changing line tells you that the time for action is nearly upon you.  Watch and be ready.  The sixth changing line warns you that you are in too deep and inviting disaster.  You will not be successful, change course now.

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