Hexagram #60

Hexagram 60Hexagram #60 is the visual inverse of the one before it.  This hexagram is Articulating or Limitation.  It comes to you at a time when you’re advised to define things, to give them boundaries and set them in order.  Everything should be in its category and its place within that category.  Think before you speak or act, to make sure that things remain in their boundaries.  But do speak and act.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are The Abyss (or water) above The Lake.  This symbolizes a stream that arises from stillness and depth.  The nuclear hexagram is #27, Jaws.  This signifies the hidden possibility of providing nourishment.

The first changing line advises you to remain withdrawn for now.  The second changing line tells you to shake things up, don’t behave as you normally would.  The third changing line warns that if you do not set boundaries and order, you will have cause for regret.  The fourth changing line tells you to proceed calmly and quietly, and this will bring you benefit.  The fifth changing line encourages you to go about the ordering of things in a way that is enjoyable, and in this way you will find benefit.  The sixth changing line warns that your idea is too harsh, and you should only proceed if you’re truly desperate, because the cost of proceeding will be high.

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