Hexagram #59

Hexagram 59Hexagram #59 is Dispersion or Dissolution.  This hexagram comes to you at a time when you’re advised to bring clarity to situations and clear up any misunderstandings.  It’s a time to clear away any obstacles in your way, and to begin the project you’ve been putting off.  It’s a time of preparations and beginnings, as you begin to move your way towards your goal.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Wind above the Lake.  This carries the symbolism of a breeze that dispels a fog, bringing a clearer vision.  The  nuclear hexagram is #27, Jaws.  This symbolizes the hidden possibility of nourishing yourself.

The first changing line warns of trouble, and advises you to be strong in the rescue.  The second changing line urges you not to lean on what you normally do.  This will bring an important lesson.  The third changing line advises you to avoid identifying with anything external.  The fourth changing line tells you to withdraw from those around you, and to focus inwards.  This will bring you benefit.  The fifth changing line says that you are part of something much larger than you realize, and you need to devote yourself entirely to it.  The sixth changing line warns you to avoid any conflict or temptation.

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