Hexagram #58

Hexagram 58Hexagram #58 is the inverse of the one preceding it, and also another of the 8 hexagrams that is made up of a repeating trigram.  This one is Lake, or Joyous.

The hexagram comes to you at a time marked by joy, pleasure, and open communication.  You are encouraged to interact with people and to support them with your words and a joyful presence.

The nuclear hexagram is #37, Dwelling People.  This signifies the hidden possibility of bringing people together.

The first changing line says this is an opportunity to develop harmony.  Proceed.  The second changing line tells you that you have a connection with higher energy, and that using it will bring you benefit.  The third changing line warns you that things are not what they seem, and what looks promising will prove to be empty.  The fourth changing line warns of conflict and the need to avoid getting drawn into it.  Deal with it swiftly, and this will benefit you.  The fifth changing line speaks of a difficult time, when you have a connection to higher energy but must work to strip away what no longer serves you.  Keep going.  The sixth changing line says that things are not yet clear, and you must get more information before you act.

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