Hexagram #57

Hexagram 57Hexagram #57 is one of the eight hexagrams that are a trigram repeated.  This one is Wind.  This hexagram comes to you to advise you to be like wind…not a hurricane or tornado, but more like a gentle breeze.  Be adaptable and penetrate matters gently.  Do not force your will, but do make sure to cling to your purpose.  This will bring you benefit.

The nuclear hexagram is #38, Diverging.  This signals the possibility of turning a disagreement into a creative tension.

The first changing line advises you to be decisive and act, even if the situation causes you to change directions.  The second changing line tells you to make use of both physical and spiritual means to attain your goal.  The third changing line warns that you are pushing too hard and need to lighten up.  The fourth changing line says that you will get what you need.  The fifth changing line tells you that now is not the time to start something, but rather the time to finish something.  The sixth changing line warns you that if you dredge up the past, it will not be of benefit to you.

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