Hexagram #56

Hexagram 56Hexagram #56 is Sojourning or The Wanderer.  This hexagram is the visual inverse of the one before it.

It comes to you at a time when you find yourself feeling like a wanderer, like you don’t belong where you are.  You may be feeling alone, apart.  Don’t try to impose your will right now.  Make yourself meek, and adapt to what comes.  You may not have many connections or a good social network to draw from.  Don’t act impulsively, but rather be clear about your decisions.  In time, you will find what you seek.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Fire over The Mountain.  This signifies a stable base that leads to energy that can spread wide.  The nuclear hexagram is #28, Great Exceeding, which signifies the possibility of building up energy.

The first changing line warns you that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  This will not have a beneficial outcome if you continue.  The second changing line says that you will find help along your journey, and a place to rest.  The third changing line warns of carelessness that will lead to a loss of help and rest, and may be truly harmful to you.  The fourth changing line says that while you may seem on the outside to have found your place, you are not content within.  The fifth changing line says that you will reach your goal easily.  The sixth changing line warns you that your present path will lead you to lose everything.  Change directions before it’s too late.

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