Hexagram #55

Hexagram 55Hexagram #55 is Abounding or Abundance.  This is a positive hexagram, coming to you at a time of prosperity.  Smile.  Be happy.  Enjoy it.  Be generous and supportive of others.  Like all things, this time will not last.  Once something has reached its height, it inevitably begins a descent.  Don’t be sad about this, it is the way of things.  Abundance comes and goes, and the cycle repeats.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Thunder over Fire.  This suggests a pervading warmth and brightness.  The nuclear hexagram is #28, Great Exceeding, which suggests the possibility of concentrated energy.

The first changing line tells you that you will meet a guide and teacher, and after your time together is complete you will go on your way.  The second changing line says that you are protected and able to see things that others cannot.  But it warns you that acting on what you see will not bring you benefit from others.  The third changing line warns that the abundance is so great that it overwhelms you, and you are unable to act for the present time.  This is nothing to be worried about, as the time will inevitably change.  The fourth changing line tells you that from a protected place where you can see what others cannot, you will find a guide and teacher.  The fifth changing line encourages you that you are beginning a new chapter where your efforts will be appreciated.  The sixth changing line warns that if you are not generous with your abundance, you will be cut off from others and this will not be to your benefit.

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