Hexagram #54

Hexagram 54Hexagram #54 is Converting the Maiden or Marrying the Maiden.  Like all even-numbered hexagrams, it is some form of an inverse of the one preceeding — in this case, the previous one flipped.

This hexagram comes at a time when you find yourself in the middle of a transformation that is beyond your control.  You are advised to roll with it as best you can, as trying to leave the situation or to control it will not be to your benefit.  Your best course of action is to be very yin here…adaptable and receptive.  This transformation is something you need to experience, and it will be both an ending and a beginning for you.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Thunder over The Lake.  This signifies an energy that arises from a place of nourishment and potential.  The nuclear hexagram is #63, Already Fording.  This signifies the hidden possibility of a solution already being underway.

The first changing line tells you that you are in a background position, but can make good progress here.  Continue along your way.  The second changing line advises you to observe your situation as if you were outside of it.  This will bring benefit.  The third changing line advises you to wait and be patient.  Anything else will not be to your benefit.  The fourth changing line tells you to delay things and procrastinate a little.  Doing this will show you the right time to act.  The fifth changing line tells you that, even though you are in a background position, you will surpass those in the forefront.  The sixth changing line warns you that your situation is empty and there is no beneficial way forward except to leave it behind.

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