Hexagram #53

Hexagram 53Hexagram #53 is Gradual Advancing or Development.  This hexagram comes to you at a time when you are moving towards a goal, and are being advised to do so gently.  Don’t be forceful or aggressive about it.  Keep an eye open for indications that it’s time to advance, and then do so slowly.  Being stable and adaptable will be to your benefit here.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Wind over the Mountain.  This signifies  both stability and being able to move gracefully.  The nuclear hexagram is #64, Not Yet Fording.  This signifies the possibility of preparing for an important advance.

The first changing line tells you that taking this first step will bring gossip about you, but do not be concerned.  The second changing line encourages you that you are in a stable place right now, and you should enjoy yourself.  The third changing line warns you of bitterness and a lack of nourishing in this situation.  Resist the temptation to react aggressively.  The fourth changing line says that you are resting in a place where you don’t belong, and advises you to only stay temporarily.  The fifth changing line advises you that you are close to your goal, but it will take time.  Continue towards it.  The sixth changing line encourages you that you have reached your goal and connected with something fundamental that will benefit you in the future.

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