Hexagram #52

Hexagram 52Hexagram #52 is Bound, Keeping Still, or Mountain.  It’s the visual inverse of the hexagram before it, and another one of the 8 hexagrams that are made up of repeating trigrams.  This one is Mountain repeated.

This hexagram comes to you at a time of ending a cycle.  You are advised to be like a mountain, to be still and calm.  Do not try to advance, but rather focus on increasing your inner and outer stability.  Stay where you are and recognize your limits.  Don’t let yourself get caught up in anything.

As already mentioned, the trigram that makes up this hexagram is Mountain repeated.  This highlights the idea of stillness and stability.  The nuclear hexagram is #40, Loosening.  This suggests the possibility of releasing tension.

The first changing line tells you  that stillness arises from the beginning.  This is a benefit.  The second changing line says that forward momentum is stopped, to your sadness.  The third changing line warns that your stillness is currently misplaced.  The fourth changing line says that you have stilled your inner compulsions.  This is to your benefit.  The fifth changing line says that you still your words, which puts an end to sorrow and doubt.  The sixth changing line speaks of a generosity in this situation, which is to your benefit.

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