Hexagram #51

Hexagram 51Hexagram #51 is The Arousing, Shake, or Shock.  It is one of the 8 hexagrams that are the same trigram repeated.

This hexagram comes to you at a time of new energy.  This energy emerges suddenly, like lightning, and can potentially be disturbing or even frightening.  But don’t worry.  While you may be frightened now, joy and laughter will come in their time.  Seize this new energy and do not let it pass you by.  Use the time to rouse yourself, to re-imagine yourself, and to shake up your old habits.  Express gratitude for the gift of joyous life.

The trigram that makes up this hexagram is thunder repeated, reinforcing the idea of sudden and intense energy.  The nuclear hexagram is #39, Difficulties.  This signifies a hidden potential of re-imagining a difficult situation.

The first changing line tells you that you will find this frightening at first, but then you will be glad it happened.  Move with this energy.  The second changing line advises you that while it seems like everything has been taken from you, see this transformation through to the end.  Everything that seemed lost will return.  The third changing line says that this energy will revive everything.  The fourth changing line warns that the energy will cause confusion, and your best course of action is to understand the confusion rather than follow the impulse to act now.  The fifth changing line warns that the energy will trigger a danger arising from your past.  Hold firm to what you believe.  The sixth changing line says that the energy will affect those around you.  Stay detached.

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