Hexagram #50

Hexagram 50Hexagram #50 is the Cauldron or the Vessel.  It is the visual inverse of the hexagram before it.

This hexagram comes to you at a time when you are called to an inner renewal, through a connection with spiritual powers that aid you.  This is a time of reflection, of looking within to discern the deeper meaning of things.  It is a very beneficial time, when you are connected to spiritual powers.  You are surrounded by symbols and imagery, and can make use of that for renewal and transformation.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Fire above Wind.  This suggests a light (awareness) that is spread far and wide.  The nuclear hexagram is #43, Deciding.  This suggests the hidden possibility of taking decisive action.

The first changing line tells you that you are facing an obstacle that will require unorthodox means to overcome.  The second changing line advises you that your companions will only hinder you, and you should proceed on your own.  The third changing line tells you that while you may feel stuck at the present time, this is all part of the process and all will be well.  The fourth changing line warns you not to take the action you are thinking of.  The fifth changing line says that now is the time to act.  The sixth changing line encourages you that the transformation unfolding will change everything and be of great benefit.

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