Hexagram #49

Hexagram 49Hexagram #49 is Molting or Revolution.  This hexagram comes to you at a time when a radical change is needed.  You are being advised to be like the snake, which sheds its old skin completely.  In the same way, now is the time for you to shed that which no longer serves you.  Re-invent yourself, or at least the way you present yourself.  This is a time to let go of the past and move confidently into the future.  It is a very beneficial time, so long as you don’t let it pass you by.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Lake above Fire.  This suggests two opposites (fire and water) which are coming together to form a new potential.  The nuclear hexagram is #44, Coupling.  This suggests the hidden possibility of joining primal powers (such as fire and water).

The first changing line tells you that the time is not yet right for radical outward action.  The second changing line says that the time has come, now act!  The third changing line advises you to wait for the call to action to come three times, then act.  The fourth changing line encourages you that you have a connection to spiritual powers that will aid you.  The fifth changing line calls you to make a fundamental shift of ideas at this time.  The sixth changing line advises you to change with grace and ease, and this will be of benefit to you.

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