Hexagram #48

Hexagram 48Hexagram #48 is The Well.  It is the visual inverse of the hexagram before it.

Wells represent a constant, a source of not only the water that is essential to life, but often a place of gathering in communities because everyone draws water from the well.  As a source, the well is always the well.  However, our relationship with it may change.  Perhaps the water becomes fouled.  Perhaps our rope breaks and we can’t draw water from it.  These things will cut us off from the source, even though the source itself….the water…is still there.  This hexagram comes to you to remind you of your connection to your source, and of your need to safeguard it.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are water above the wind.  This signifies the constancy of the source.  The nuclear hexagram is #38, Diverging.  This signifies the hidden possibility of creative tension.

The first changing line warns that the time of usefulness has past.  The second changing line says that you are unable to contain and direct the energy.  The third changing line speaks of a hidden possibility that can’t be seen, and advises you to move on to a place where it can be seen.  The fourth changing line says that there is work being done that temporarily hinders the way, but it is necessary.  The fifth changing line encourages you to embrace your source.  The sixth changing line encourages you to share your source with others.

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