Hexagram #47

Hexagram 47Hexagram #47 is Confining, Oppression, or Exhaustion.  This hexagram comes to you at a time of struggle, when you are feeling isolated and cut off, exhausted by what is weighing you down.  You’re advised not to trust those around you.  This is not a time meant to punish or make you suffer, but rather to lead you to turn within and find the strength and answers you need within yourself.  This is the only way you will break free and pass through this time.  You are being called to change, but you must discern what that change is to be.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Lake over Water.  This symbolizes a drawing inward that cuts you off from what is external.  The nuclear hexagram is #37, Dwelling People.  This signifies the possibility of drawing near and working with others towards a common goal.

The first changing line warns you that even though you may feel as if you’re being punished, dwelling on it will only make things worse for you.  The second changing line says that you are not being recognized, and you must sacrifice your ego in this and cling to higher ideals.  The third changing line warns you that you are seeing only things that hurt you and are blind to the things that can help.  The fourth changing line says that the solution is on its way, and in the meantime you see things more clearly.  This is to your benefit.  The fifth changing line tells you that the source of your oppression is something of authority, and in time it will pass.  The sixth changing line advises you that you are facing something that can be easily worked through, but you must act and not lament your situation.

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