Hexagram #46

Hexagram 46Hexagram #46 is Pushing Upwards or Ascending.  It’s the visual inverse of the previous hexagram.

This hexagram comes to you at a time when you are advised to proceed step by step towards your goal.  The way is open before you, but it will not come easily.  You will have to work hard.  Small victories can lead to greater ones, and your hidden potential may be realized.  Do not be afraid.  This is a time of growth, intensity, and action.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Earth above Wind.  This symbolizes growth that can spread far.  The nuclear hexagram is #54, Converting the Maiden.  This symbolizes the hidden possibility of realizing your own potential.

The first changing line tells you that your sincerity opens the way to realizing your goal. The second changing line says that you are connected to spiritual agencies that will assist you.  The third changing line encourages you to keep going.  The fourth changing line advises you to direct your efforts to the common good.  The fifth changing line tells you that nothing is in your way, but it also advises you to proceed step by step.  The sixth changing line advises that even though you cannot see the path before you, you should keep going.

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