Hexagram #45

Hexagram 45Hexagram #45 is Clustering or Gathering Together.  This hexagram comes to you at a time when there is a grand vision or project, and the need of the time is to unite people in pursuit of this, in order to accomplish great things.  You are advised to have a plan, to stick to that central plan or purpose, and to be willing to make great sacrifices in its pursuit.  Anticipate setbacks, so you can guard against them.  This is a beneficial time.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Lake above The Receptive (or Earth).  The suggests to me that being receptive will lead to a state of flow and ease.  The nuclear hexagram is #53, Gradual Advancing.  This suggests the hidden possibility of advancing towards a goal.

The first changing line says that while your group is connected, you are uncertain about this connection and move between apartness and togetherness.  Find certainty in this group, and move towards togetherness.  The second changing line advises you to take your time with things, and it will be beneficial to you.  The third changing line warns that the group will only bring sorrow.  Leave it, and go your own way.  The fourth line encourages you that now is the time to act.  The fifth changing line advises that you have no obvious place within the group, but you should try hard to find one.  The sixth changing line warns that you are surrounded by the wrong people, but the fault is not yours.

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