Hexagram #44

Hexagram 44Hexagram #44 is Coupling or Coming to Meet.  It is the visual inverse of the hexagram before.  It is also one of the twelve hexagrams that correspond to months of the year.  This one corresponds to July, when yin begins to creep back into the cycle as summer passes its peak.

This hexagram comes to you at a time when something new is coming your way.  You are advised to welcome it, to yield to it as yin yields to yang.  Go with the flow, and do not try to control things directly.  You will have encounters that may be brief, but will be intense and influence the course of events.  This is a very beneficial time.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Heaven, or the Creative, over Wind.  This signifies creative power that spreads.  The nuclear hexagram is #1, Heaven of the Creative.  Again, this signifies the great creative power of this time.

The first changing line tells you that the momentum of the time will be at a standstill, but you should accept this standstill and not try to act.  The second changing line speaks of coming abundance.  The third changing line warns that this is a time of anger or hurt, but you can weather this time if you have a central idea.  The fourth changing line advises that this is not currently a time of abundance, and it is not to your benefit to try and act.  The fifth changing line encourages you that a time of wonder and creativity is coming, and you should embrace it and use it to your purpose.  The sixth changing line cautions that you are approaching this situation with brute force.  Cease doing this, and it will be to your benefit.

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