Hexagram #43

Hexagram #43Hexagram #43 is Deciding.  This hexagram is also one of the 12 that corresponds to a month of the year.  This one corresponds to the month of May.

This hexagram comes at a time when you must make a decision, and then take action.  You are encouraged to be bold, even if it will be difficult or uncomfortable.  The actions you take should be persistent and driven, but not aggressive or defensive.  Something that was interior and hidden will now become outwardly expressed.  Have a plan that clearly outlines your path, and then stick to that plan.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Lake over Heaven.  This suggests a creative, active force that flows outward.  The nuclear hexagram is #1, Heaven, which suggestions action and creativity.

The first changing line warns you that you have moved too quickly and must back off now.  The second changing line warns you that the situation is currently uneasy, but all will be well.  The third changing line advises you that you have met people who will not benefit you in this situation, and you should search out others if you desire benefit.  The fourth changing line says that something in the situation has wounded you.  If you stick to your decision, benefit will come to you in the end.  The fifth changing line says that you have to choose between two possibilities.  The sixth changing line warns that if you do not communicate, you will find no benefit.

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