Hexagram #42

Hexagram #42Hexagram #42 is Augmenting or Increase.  It is not only the visual inverse of the proceeding, it’s also the inverse in meaning.  This hexagram comes at a time of increase, when you are advised to become more involved and invest more of your energy in what you are doing.  This is a good time to begin something, to form a plan and carry it out.  Let go of your old ideas and embrace new ones.  Encourage those around you to do the same.  This is a time to embrace the energy of increase.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Wind over Thunder.  This suggests an energy that is spreading outwards.  The nuclear hexagram is #23, Stripping.  This suggests the possibility of stripping away that which no longer serves you.

The first changing line encourages you  to act now, and benefit will come.  The second changing line says that there is nothing that can get in your way at the present time, you will succeed.  The third changing line advises that you are increasing through an unfortunate circumstance, but this is not bad.  The fourth changing line says that a fundamental element of the situation is changing, and advises you to communicate through this process.  The fifth changing line encourages you to maintain your kindness in this situation, and benefit will come to you.  the sixth changing line warns you that the path you are taking will not lead to increase, and could cause you serious damage.

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