Hexagram #41

Hexagram #41Hexagram #41 is Diminishing or Decrease.  This hexagram signals a time of pulling your energy inwards and focusing on what is internal and spiritual.  You are advised to decrease your active yang energy and increase your receptive yin energy.  This shift is necessary to allow you to prepare for a more active push in time to come.  You are cautioned to decrease your passions, your anger and emotional responses.  Focus on your spiritual connection, and this will put you into position to move when the times change.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Mountain over the Lake.  This symbolizes an outward limit that leads to inward movement.  The nuclear hexagram is #24, Returning.  This symbolizes the possibility of returning to the source of things.

The first changing line encourages you to diminish your outward energy as quickly as possible.  The second changing line says that the thing you are planning will be of benefit to you.  The third changing line is basically the adage “two is company, three is a crowd”. The fourth changing line advises you act quickly in your diminishing, and in doing so you will decrease your suffering.  The fifth changing line encourages you that nothing can get in your way.  The sixth changing line says that what you are planning will enhance things, and there will be people to help you.

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