Hexagram #38

Hexagram 38Hexagram #38 is Diverging or Opposition, and is the visual inverse of the previous one.

This hexagram comes to you to signal a time of discord, of people moving away from you and/or from each other.  You are advised to look at both what is causing people to move away, and also what can connect them.  If you do this, you will be able to move past the opposition.  You must not impose your will, though, you must be willing to adapt in this situation.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are fire over the lake.  This signifies the conflict between two opposing forces.  The nuclear hexagram is #63, Already Fording.  This signifies the hidden possibility of resolving whatever is causing the opposition.

The first changing line advises you not to solve your problems head-on.  Just wait, and things will resolve themselves.  The second changing line says that you will meet someone who can help you.  The third changing line warns you that your plans will not work out and whatever you have begun will not reach completion.  The fourth changing line encourages you that, even though you feel alone, you will meet someone who will help you and your plans will reach completion.  The fifth changing line tells you that whatever is holding you back will soon disappear.  The final changing line says that right now you feel alone and angry, but to put aside the anger and things will soon start to go your way.

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