Hexagram #37

Hexagram #37Hexagram #37 is The Family or The Clan.  This hexagram comes to tell you about relating to those you are joined to by living or working.  You are advised to tend to your relationships, and to the spaces you share with others.  Focus on the yin aspect of things:  be yielding and nurturing.  This will bring benefit and create comradery.  You are in a position to help people understand who ad what they are.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are wind over fire.  As the gentleness of wind can feed fire, so can gentleness with people around you spread warmth and light.  The nuclear hexagram is #64, Not Yet Fording.  This suggests the potential for gathering energy ahead of an important move.

The first changing line advises you to keep your energies inside, as you are not in a position to act.  The second changing line encourages you to provide nourishment for all around you.  This will bring benefit.  The third changing line admonishes you to put things in order, lest you fall of track.  The fourth changing line says that there is benefit for all involved.  The fifth changing line says that benefit will come from caring for others.  The final changing line advises you that now is the time to act.

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