Hexagram #36

Hexagram 36Hexagram #36 is Hiding Brightness, or the Darkening of the Light, and is the visual inverse of the previous one.  This hexagram comes to you as a warning to hide your own light and become more yin, more yielding.  By doing this, you can avoid possible problems or even injury.  You are advised to accept difficult, even tedious, work at this time.  This will benefit you in the end.  In this time of hiding, you are able to watch and discover patterns.  This knowledge will work to your advantage later.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Fire under the Earth.  This conveys the meaning of hiding your brightness.  This nuclear hexagram is #40, Loosening.  This suggests the hidden possibility of an end to something that is constricting you, perhaps tension or danger.

The first changing line suggests that the way to hide your brightness is to flee the situation.  This will be a time of weariness, but hold your course.  The second changing line says there has been a wound inflicted, and your part is that of rescuer, and be strong in that part.  The third changing line encourages you to meet the source of your opposition head-on.  In the end, this will end that opposition.  The fourth changing line advises you to leave a current way of being or thinking that is not of benefit to you.  The fifth changing line says that hiding your brightness in this way will be of great benefit to you.  The final changing line warns you that your current path is not wise, and that you should rethink it.

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