Hexagram #35

Hexagram 35Hexagram #35 is Prospering or Progress.  This hexagram comes to you at a time when you are being encouraged to step out into the daylight, and to advance.  This is a beneficial time when you are connected with higher powers.  You are encouraged to act with calmness, strength, and poise, and to make gifts of your strength and spirit.  Join with others who share you ideas, and the light will become even brighter.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are fire over the earth, which suggests a light that spreads nourishment far and wide.  The nuclear hexagram is #39, Difficulties.  This suggests a hidden possibility of seeing your difficulties in a new light.

The first changing line suggests that you may encounter difficulties at first.  Don’t be discouraged, you are still connected to higher powers.  The second changing line cautions you that you be feeling sad or afraid, but not to worry about this.  Accept what comes from the receptive, even if it doesn’t seem like a gift.  The third changing line says that people around you have confidence in you.  The fourth changing line warns that your prosperity may fall victim to something from your past.  You are advised to rid yourself of this.  The fifth changing line encourages you to move forward, and not to think about potential loss or gain.  All will be well.  The final changing line cautions you to use strength to confront something from your past that has caused you to lose the way.  Doing this will ultimately be beneficial to you.

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