Hexagram #34

Hexagram 34Hexagram #34 is The Power of the Great, or Great Invigorating.  It is the inverse of the previous hexagram, and another one of the 12 hexagrams that correspond to months of the year.  This one would correspond to roughly the month of April.

The hexagram comes at a time when creative energy and drive is manifesting itself.  Now is the time to move into action and engage the situation.  However, you should beware of moving into excess, which will only hurt yourself or others.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Thunder above Heaven, which signifies the creative force being manifest in the world.  The nuclear trigram is #43, Deciding, which signifies the possibility of clear an decisive action.

The first changing line cautions you to hold back and accumulate your energy.  The second changing line signals that now is a beneficial time to move to action.  The third changing line cautions you against forcing your way through the situation, but rather finesse your way through.  If you try and force things, you will only get tangled up and it will not benefit you.  The fourth changing line tells you that whatever obstacles had been in your way have been cleared now, and you should move forward.  The fifth changing line advises you to go with the flow of things.  The final changing line warns you that there is no direction to move at this time, but to continue to work at it and benefit will arise.


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