Hexagram #33

Hexagram 33Hexagram #33 is Retiring or Retreat.  This hexagram is one of the 12 that correspond to the months of the year, with this particular one corresponding to the month of August, when the summer is retreating and autumn is approaching.

This hexagram is, conceptually, the opposite of the previous one.  It comes at a time when you should withdraw from activity and hide yourself away.  The time for action has passed and now the wise thing to do is retire from that action.  You can use this time of seclusion to prepare for the next time of action, which will inevitably arrive.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are heaven over the mountain, suggesting a stillness of the creative force.  The nuclear hexagram is #44, Coupling.  This suggests that a withdrawal into seclusion may lead to communion with a higher power.

The first changing line cautions that you are facing adversity, and now is the time to plan but not to act.  The second changing line says that you are secure in your position at this time.  The third changing line warns that you are prevented from retiring at this time, but can work with those around you to find your opening to withdraw.  The fourth changing line counsels that if you willingly embrace this time of retreat, you will find benefit.  The fifth changing line encourages you that great benefit will come your way.  The final changing line further encourages you that this will be a time of growth.

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