Hexagram #32

Hexagram 32Hexagram #32 is called Persevering or Duration.  It is the visual inverse of the previous hexagram.  This hexagram points to a time when you should keep moving in the direction you are currently going.  It is a time to be stable and consistent, and to hold fast to your established ways.  If you complete something, let that be the start of something else so that you use this time to keep moving.  Look to the sun and the moon, or to a couple that has been married for a long time, and learn from these how to persevere.

The trigrams that make up the hexagram are Thunder over Wind.  This suggests a continual renewing of one force from the other.  The nuclear hexagram is #43, Deciding.  This suggests the possibility of taking clear and decisive action at this time.

The first changing line suggests that you are moving more quickly than the situation is developing.  This is not beneficial to you, slow down and wait for the situation to catch up.  The second changing line encourages you to continue on as you are going.  The third changing line admonishes you that you are moving down a path not in line with your truest self, and that nothing good will come of this.  The fourth changing line warns that you are not moving towards what will nourish you.  The fifth changing line cautions that this is a time of transition.  If you choose the way of yin, you will find benefit.  If you choose the way of yang, you will not find benefit.  The sixth changing line warns that you are moving too aggressively, and that you will not benefit from this.

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