Hexagram #31

Hexagram 31Hexagram #31 is called Conjoining, Influence, or Wooing.  This hexagram signals an energy that connects strongly with you, something that excites you and spurs you to action.  Be yin, receptive, and yield to this energy.  This will bring you success.  This is a very fundamental energy moving through you, the energy that attracts all things in heaven earth to one another.  Understand it, yield to it, and use it.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are water on top of the mountain, signaling a combination of steadiness and flow.  The nuclear hexagram is #44, Coupling.  This suggests the possibility of the meeting of two fundamental powers of yin and yang.

The first changing line tells you that the energy is just beginning.  Move towards it.  The second changing line warns that you may be tempted to move ahead quickly, and this would not be to your benefit.  The third changing line is a further warning that you may be tempted to run after it, but you should hold to your position for now.  The fourth changing line says that you are encountering a favorable influence, but your main focus is not yet clear.  The fifth changing line says that the energy will endure, and is to your benefit.  The final changing line says that the energy will lead you to influence others, but may not last long.

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