Hexagram #30

Hexagram 30Hexagram #30 is called Radiance or Fire.  It is the inverse of the previous hexagram in that the yang lines have become yin, and vice versa.  This is another hexagram that is repeating trigrams, namely the trigram of fire.

This hexagram comes at a time of warmth and awareness.  Just as a campfire would gather people in to enjoy the warmth and the light, so should you bring together the things that belong together.  Spread the light of awareness as far as you can.  Be warm and gentle.  This is a beneficial time.

As already mentioned, this hexagram is made up of the trigram Fire, doubled.  This suggests light and warmth spread in all directions, bringing people together.  The nuclear hexagram is #28, Great Exceeding.  This suggests the possibility of building great power.

The first changing line tells you that the first steps taken should be done so carefully and with great respect to the process.  The second changing line encourages you that this is a time of abundant radiance.  The third changing line says that the situation comes to a close.  You can either focus on what has gone well, or you can bemoan the things that have not gone well — the latter is no benefit to you.  The fourth changing line warns you that what is happening will be quick and intense, but then it will pass and you should not attempt to cling to it.  The fifth changing line says that you will mourn, and ultimately your mourning will be of benefit to you.  The final changing line counsels you to take decisive and aggressive action, and that this will be of benefit to you.

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