Hexagram #29

Hexagram 29Hexagram #29 is Water, or the Abyss or Gorge.  It is one of the eight hexagrams composed of the base trigrams repeated…this time the trigram of water.

The images of this hexagram stem both from the idea of the gorge or of water.  This hexagram can come to you at a time of danger, the type of danger that you cannot avoid but must confront…like when one comes to a gorge in ones path and must cross that gorge to continue on the journey.  You may be afraid, but you must conquer this fear.  It also symbolizes a time to move into action, much like the water in a stream is constantly moving and flowing.  Now is a time to take risks, and to trust that you have a connection to the spirits.

As already mentioned, the trigram that makes up this hexagram is water, repeated.  This suggests constant motion, and the wearing away of obstacles.  The nuclear hexagram is #27, Jaws, which suggests the hidden possibility of providing nourishment — for yourself and/or others.

The first changing line warns you against getting caught in a repeating loop of reactivity.  This will not benefit you.  The second changing line cautions you to confront whatever danger you are facing by taking small actions.  The third changing line says that you are facing a repeating issue, and advises you against jumping in to confront it, lest you get caught in a repeating loop of reactivity.  The fourth changing line suggests that the situation has trapped you, and that you should not fight it but rather ask for assistance and wait for the answer to come.  The fifth changing line says that you should not fill things to overflowing, but that you should be content with your present effort and let the situation flow along as it will.  The final changing line warns you that there nothing you can do that will benefit you at the present time, or in the near future.

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