Hexagram #28

Hexagram 28Hexagram #28 is called “Great Exceeding” or “The Preponderance of the Great”.  This is an inverse of the previous one, but in a different way.  Many of the inverses thus far have simply reversed the upper and lower trigrams.  This is one of a few that does not do that, but rather replaces all the yin lines with yang lines, and vice versa.

This hexagram points to a time of transition, perhaps even of crisis.  The way things used to be is now weighted down, to the point where is threat that things will break.  While this may sound negative, be assured that there is a creative force at work.  Now is the time to clearly identify what is important to you, and act from that center — even acting alone, if necessary.  If you find yourself in a situation that is not nourishing what is best in you, it’s time to leave.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are wind under the lake, signifying a hidden but potent force that is directing the current of things.  The nuclear hexagram is #1, The Creative or Heaven, which again points to a strong creative force at work.

The first changing line tells you to focus humbly on what is essential.  The second changing line suggests that a new energy will arise out of something long established.  This will benefit you.  The third changing line warns that this is the breaking point, and all you can do is ride it out.  The fourth changing line cautions you that you have all you need at the present time, and that to attempt to add more will cause you to lose what you already have.  The fifth changing line tells you that a new but brief energy will arise out of something long established, and that you should enjoy it because it won’t last.  The sixth changing line counsels you to decide what action you wish to take, and to take it.  The results may not seem favorable, but you must trust the process.

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