Hexagram #27

Hexagram 27Hexagram #27 is called Jaws, The Corners of the Mouth, or Providing Nourishment.  This hexagram has to do with both what goes in the mouth and what comes out of the mouth….so both nourishment and the words you speak.  Nourishment is meant as both literal food and also what feeds you metaphorically.  This is a time to look at both how you nourish yourself and how you nourish others.   Seek out what feeds you best, and also how you can best feed the hopes and dreams of others.  This is a favorable time.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are Thunder under The Mountain.  This suggests a great energy that is arising from within.  The nuclear hexagram is #2, Earth or The Receptive.  This suggests the hidden possibility of receiving.

The first changing line admonishes you that you are giving in to sadness at this time.  This is not beneficial for you.  The second changing line warns you that your connection to what nourishes you is not strong.  You should retreat and withdraw, rather than trying to force  things.  The third changing line warns that you have rejected your source of nourishment, and that nothing beneficial can come from this.  The fourth changing line advises that your connection to what nourishes you is waning, and that it will be to your benefit to persevere in finding a new one.  The fifth changing line says that you are rejecting the status quo, and that you should hold your position for now and not begin anything new.  The way will open for you in time.  The sixth changing line tells you that you are being nourished by what came before you, and to confront any unfinished business that may lie in your past.  If you do this, it will be beneficial for you.

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