Hexagram #24

Hexagram 24Hexagram #24 is “Return”.  The hexagram has one yang line, in the first position, hence the idea of yang energy beginning to return.  It is one of the 12 hexagrams that correspond to months of the year, and corresponds to January, when the days are just beginning to grow longer in the northern hemisphere.

This hexagram points to a time of returning energy and rebirth, particularly after a difficult time.  It benefits you  to have a plan or a direction in mind, and to nurture the returning energy.  Stir up this new energy, move with it, and be open to new ideas.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are thunder under the earth, which suggests an energy arising from within.  The nuclear hexagram is #2, the earth or the receptive, which suggests the possibility of giving things new form.

The first changing line says that now is the time to move from thinking about something to acting.  This will be of benefit.  The second changing line advises you to let go and let this time unfold.  The third changing line warns you that there is a sense of urgency about your return, and that something from the past will block your way.  However, you are to continue along your path.  The fourth changing line advises you that things are moving, and you should move along with them.  The fifth changing line says there is a generous quality about this return, and you should act similarly generous.  The final changing line warns that something is blinding you, and that to continue along this path will have disastrous results that will take a very lengthy time to recover from.

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