Hexagram #22

Hexagram 22Hexagram #22 is called “Adorning” or “Grace”.  Visually the inverse of the one before it, the trigrams that make up this hexagram are fire beneath the mountain, suggesting a brightness within.

This hexagram suggests a time to let the changes that are taking place inside you be seen on the outside.  It is a time to allow yourself to be elegantly adorned, whether that means in a physical sense or a metaphorical sense by “letting your light shine”.  Reveal the strength, courage, and radiance within.  Go with the flow of the changes around you, and gradually work towards your goal.

The nuclear hexagram is #40, Loosening.  This suggests the possibility of being released from something that is constraining you in the current situation.

The first changing line advises you to move forward alone if necessary.  Do not take the easy way out.  The second changing line suggests that it will take time, but you have a connection that will be to your advantage.  The third changing line says that you should immerse yourself in your current idea, and that the advantage of doing so will be great.  The fourth changing line counsels that having respect for your current situation will yield a great creative energy for moving forward.  The fifth changing line says that even if you feel like you have little to contribute, you should contribute what you have and see things through.  The sixth changing line says that what is within in pure and essential.

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