Hexagram #20

Hexagram 20Hexagram #20 is called Viewing or Contemplation.  Like all  the even-numbered hexagrams we’ve seen so far (except for #2) this hexagram is the visual inverse of the one preceding it.

This hexagram points to a time of watching things, but not acting.  You are advised to watch carefully, to look deeply and see things you might not normally see, or want to see.  It’s the time to let things emerge.  Watching things, without preconceived ideas, will allow you to gain the perspective that this time calls for.  Seek out what is important and let all things come into view.  Doing this will allow change to come effortless, and in a way that is beneficial to your situation.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are the wind over the earth.  This suggests an image of being able to see far and wide, just as the wind sweeps over the entire earth.  The nuclear hexagram is #23, stripping.  This suggests that if you watch closely, there exists the hidden possibility of being able to strip away that which is no longer needed.

The first changing line says that you are looking at things like a child.  This is fine if you are a child, but shameful if you are mature.  The second changing line says that you are viewing things in secret, which is to your advantage if you wish to act in a receptive manner.  The third changing line advises you to reflect on your life, and on the ebb and flow of events within in.  The fourth changing line points to you having an influential advisory position in which to use your viewing.  The fifth changing line again suggests that you reflect on your life, this time see where you have acted in accord with your best self.  The sixth changing line suggests that you look at the lives of those around you, and watch where they act in accord with their own best selves, for your time of action is not yet come.

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