Hexagram #19

Hexagram 19Hexagram #19 is Nearing or Approach.  This is a very positive hexagram that speaks of a new time and the approach of something significant and powerful.  You are advised to welcome the approach, but not to expect immediate results.  This is the time of growth, not of harvest.  Tend to the approach with care and modesty, and manage your expectations for now is not the time when things will come  to completion.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are lake under the earth, signifying something that nourishes growth.  The nuclear hexagram is #24, Returning.  This signifies that this time of approach contains the hidden possibility of a return to the fundamental source — the Way, if you will.

The first changing line tells you that an important connection is coming nearer, and you will be met with success.  The second changing line also says that an important connection is coming nearer, and suggests that this connection will benefit all parts of your endeavor.  The third changing line warns that while this may look like a good direction for you, no good will come of it.  The fourth changing line says that the time is right to act.  The fifth changing line signifies that knowledge is what is approaching, and this will cause a fundamental shift in yourself that will be positive.  The final changing line says that generosity is what is nearing, and if you are generous, you will meet generosity in others, and this will be to your advantage.

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