Hexagram #17

hexagram 17Hexagram #17 is called “Following”.  In this hexagram, there is an inevitable course of events unfolding and you are advised to surrender to this flow.  Yielding to the path will actually be the way of least resistance, and the events are all connected.  This can signal a new beginning, and a successful time.  Just as the world around is follows times of days and seasons, so are you being called to follow the path laid out in front of you.  Let go of the old, and embrace the new which is now coming into focus.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are thunder under the lake.  This suggests a strong energy that lies beneath the flow, or it could also be interpreted as a strong energy that resides within.  The nuclear hexagram is #53, Gradual Advancing, which suggests following a path contains the possibility of gradually realizing your desires or goals.  In the sequence, it is said that enthusiasm creates a following of a path.

The first changing line advises you that, by leaving behind the way you usually do things, you will be successful.  The second line warns that you are following a way that is inexperienced and unwise.  The third line reverses that, saying that you are following a way that is experienced and wise and that this way is successful.  The fourth line warns that if you are following in order to grasp something, you will not be successful, but if you surrender to the flow without grasping, you will become wise.  The fifth line encourages you that you will meet with success.  The sixth line says that your way is firm, and you have progresses as far as you can.

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