Hexagram #15

hexagram 15Hexagram #15 is called Humbling or Modesty.  The main focus of the hexagram is just as the name implies, to keep oneself humble or modest and one will meet with success in this time.  By taking a yielding position, you can use an adversary’s strength against them, much like the adage we are often taught in Tai Chi and Kung Fu — yield to succeed.  It is the way of the universe to lessen what is too full and aid the modest.  Through modesty, you have the ability to be agile and alert, and to maintain connection with the way.  In this way, you will be able to accomplish your goals.

The trigrams that make up this hexagram are mountain below and earth (or receptive) above.  This suggests stillness (the mountain) and yielding (earth).  The nuclear hexagram is #40, Loosening.  This suggests that be being modest, you open up the possibility of loosening that which constrains you.

The changing lines all speak positively of humility.  The first changing line says that a humble person can start a project and will find success.  The second line says that in humility you will have power.  The third line advises that to work modestly will being a successful completion.  The fourth line tells us that letting your actions speak of your humility will bring success to whatever you do.  The fifth line counsels that if you cannot succeed on your own, to bring to your aid those around you.  The sixth line brings it all together by saying that in your humility you have power to influence people, and can use that power to fight excess.

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