Hexagram #14

hexagram 14Hexagram #14 is the inverse of the previous one.  Now the trigram of fire is above the trigram of the Creative, or Heaven.  You can think of this as fire above the heavens.  Or, I like to think of it as a fire in the heavens — like the sun or maybe a shooting star streaking through the sky.  This is a very positive hexagram.  I see nothing at all negative in any part of it.

This hexagram is called “Great Possessions”.  This is a time to have a central plan or idea, and to focus your energy.  You can draw people to yourself, as a shooting star draws the attention of people.  Focusing your energy can also lead to spreading your brightness and warmth, much like the sun does so.  Be decisive, but yield to the spirit of the time.  Doing this will connect you to the spirits and you will know the right time to act.

The nuclear hexagram is #43, Deciding.  This signifies that focusing your energies can naturally lead to decisive action.

The changing lines are just as positive as the overall hexagram.  The first changing line tells you that there may be hard work associated with your idea, but it the beginning of something great and nothing about it is harmful.  The second line says that there is a clear path forward.  The third line advises that the greatest success will come from sticking to your principles.  The fourth lines tells you to let others shine in your endeavor, and to be humble yourself.  The fifth line advises that your connection with the spirits is strong, and you should act with confidence.  And the sixth line says that the way is open and enjoys the blessings of heaven.

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