Hexagram #13

hexagram 13Hexagram #13 begins a new pair of hexagrams, and visually does not seem to be related to the previous one.  It is called “Concording People”, or “Fellowship the Others”.  I prefer the latter, because the language is less clunky.  Following in the sequence from the previous hexagram, it is said that you are not completely obstructed (#12), so there is Fellowship with Others.  This follows a pattern in the I Ching that highlights the dynamic nature of the hexagrams and situations themselves, namely that there is always movement from one to another.

This hexagram points to a time when it is to your advantage  to work with others to achieve your purpose or goal.  You are advised to find ways to unite people, to share mutual goals or feelings with warmth and understanding.  This is a good time to begin a new project, for there is a creative force at work in the combined group.

The upper and lower trigrams as Heaven (The Creative) over Fire.  Fire brought people together in the ancient times, being the source of light and heat.  Heaven over the fire points to the creative force among the group and the advantage of working together.  The nuclear hexagram is #44, Coupling, which points to the possibility of union arising from brining people together.

The changing lines are a mixture of encouragement and warning.  The first changing line says that this is the time to begin.  The second changing line warns that you have lost the way, and should work to regain it.  The third line suggests that you are facing a strong opposing force that will work against you for a lengthy time (don’t take the three years part literally).  The fourth line says that you are in an advantageous position and can advance your way.  The fifth line advises that sometimes it is adversity that brings people together, and that fate has a hand in this.  The sixth line says that the group has not yet found its purpose, but will in time.

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