Hexagram #11

Hexagram 11I consider this hexagram to be the most balanced of all of them in the I Ching.  This hexagram is called Pervading or Peace.  I prefer Peace.  The upper and lower trigrams are the Earth and Heaven, and  they are moving towards each other (Earth moving down, Heaven moving up).  Visually, it does not follow from the previous one.

This hexagram is one of the 12 that correspond to months of the year, with this one corresponding to March, the beginning of Spring.  Like Spring, it is a hexagram of great energy coming forth and being in balance.  This is a very positive hexagram, that talks about a strong connection with the spirits at this time, and great success.  You are encouraged to be active, and to use this flow that you are connected to, to your advantage.  It is a time of self-renewal, and a time to support others.  Use  the energy of this time, and pass it on.

The nuclear hexagram is #54, Converting the Maiden, signifying the possibility of realizing your own potential.

The first changing line says that this is a good time to act in humility.  The second line cautions you to be patient and generous with difficult people.  The third line reminds us that times of peace and harmony do not last forever, but that good fortune will return.  The fourth line advises us to meet people with sincerity and openness.  The fifth changing line says that patience and modesty will bring the greatest rewards.  And the sixth line says that the time for waning of the peace is at hand.

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