Hexagram #9

Hexagram 9Hexagram #9 of the I Ching is called “Small Accumulating” or “The Taming Power of the Small”.  Visually, this hexagram doesn’t seem to be as tightly connected to the previous one as others have been with their previous one.  The lower trigram is reversed from yin to yang, but I can’t see such reversal in the upper trigram.  In the I Ching itself, the sequence is described as grouping (hexagram #8) needs to have a place to accumulate.  Hence, small accumulating.

This hexagram signals that there are many things coming at you right now, and they don’t seem to be related to one another.  You are advised to simply take things as they come, responding to what is right in front of you, while taking the “long game” approach in order to achieve something great.  Now is the time for gathering the small that will lead to the great, and for seeing the beauty and power in each thing that comes your way.  Persist, but do not cling to the small things.  Let them go, so that the process can continue.  The time to act is not far off.

The upper and lower trigrams of this hexagram are wind over heaven (or the creative).  This signifies a strong force that can be generated by gently dealing with the things that come your way.  The interior hexagram is #38, Diverging, signifying that when small things are gathered together, the possibility exists for creative tension.

The changing lines carry a variety of counsels about the situation.  The first line says you’re on the right path.  The second line says that something is holding you in check, but it’s positive.  The third line indicates that some form of conflict is preventing forward movement.  The fourth line indicates that you are favorably connected with the universe.  The fifth line says that not only are you favorably connected with the universe, but also with allies who can help you.  The sixth line warns you that, while things are going well, you need to proceed with gentleness and humility to avoid a possible problem.

Overall, a favorable hexagram.

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