Hexagram #8

Hexagram 8Hexagram #8 is “Grouping” or “Holding Together”.  It is the reverse of the previous hexagram, with the upper and lower trigrams reversed.  Now water is above the earth or The Receptive, instead of being below it.  It follows in logical sequence from the previous hexagram, Legions or The Army, because a large group of people must be organized into groups in order to be efficient.

This hexagram signals a time to look into things, to sort and compare and group things into categories.  You are asked to think about why you asked the question that led to this hexagram as the answer, and encouraged to asked again.  There is a warning here that things are rapidly changing and this is a stressful time, but an important transition.  It is a time to get rid of old ideas, but the process does not have to be painful if you will only cling to harmony and joy at this new beginning.  The way is open if you do this, the way will close if you hesitate.

The inner hexagram, Stripping (#23) reinforces this idea of embracing the change.  It speaks of stripping away old and outmoded ideas.

The changing lines speak primarily of different types of groups and your relationship to them.  The first line indicates a strong connection to the spirits in the group, and encourages you to nurture that connection.  The second line says that you are part of the group.  The third line warns that the group is not right for you.  The fourth line says that you are not part of the group.  The fifth lines tells you to be a leader in the group.  And the sixth line says that the group has no leader.

Overall, a positive hexagram in response to a question.


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